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Lunch Special

(Monday - Friday 11 am - 3 pm)
All lunch special come with a choice of soup (hot and sour, egg drop or wonton)
and 2 vegetable spring rolls

L1.General Tso's Chicken  7.95
L2.Sesame Chicken 7.95
L3.Orange Chicken  7.95
L4.Chicken with Broccoli 7.95
L5.Sweet and Sour Chicken 7.95
L6.Chicken with Garlic Sauce  7.95
L7.Hunan Chicken  7.95
L8.Chicken with String Beans 7.95
L9.Kung Pao Chicken 
(Contains Peanuts)
L10.Geleshan Ma La Chicken  7.95
L11.Stir Fried Beef with Scallion and Onion 7.95
L12.Beef with Broccoli 7.95
L13.Pepper Steak 7.95
L14.Mongolian Beef 7.95
L15.Hunan Beef  7.95
L16.Shredded Pork with Garlic Sauce  7.95
L17.Shredded Pork with Bamboo Tips 7.95
L18.Double Cooked Pork  7.95
L19.Shrimp with Garlic Sauce  7.95
L20.Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables 7.95
L21.Quick Fried Crispy Fish  7.95
L22.Eggplant with Garlic Sauce  7.95
L23.Dry Sauteed String Beans 7.95
L24.Shredded Potato with Green Pepper 7.95
L25.Hot and Sour Shredded Potato  7.95
L26.Vegetable Trio with Garlic Sauce 
(eggplant, cabbage, string beans)
L27.Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables 7.95
L28.Fried Rice
(with Mixed Vegi, Chicken, Roast Pork, Beef or Shrimp)
L29.Lo Mein
(with Mixed Vegi, Chicken, Roast Pork, Beef or Shrimp)
L30.Pad Thai
(with Chicken, Beef, Tofu or Shrimp)